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The Cork Fair

The Cork Fair is both a thematic and industry event which for one weekend place the world of cork on centre stage, a product deeply rooted in most of the municipalities surrounding the Gavarres.
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Have you ever considered that a simple cork, which keeps wine, cava and other spirits contained, and which we can find all over the world, was probably made very close to home?

At the Cork Fair of Cassà de la Selva you will have the complete experience of discovering exactly where corks come from, the ones acting as guardians of the finest bottles of wine and cava in the world. You will be able to witness the journey that the cork makes from the forests to the processing companies, until it reaches the restaurant table. You will notice that the cork industry is very much alive in the municipality and you will see, along the Cork Route, the important architectural, cultural, social and gastronomic stamp it has left on Cassà.

Cork, industry and gastronomy. A loop circuit that allows us to travel from the Gavarres to the tables of any restaurant or house in the world.

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