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Discovering Leisure Activities

There is a wide range of leisure activities in Cassà ranging from cultural to sport activities. In Cassà we have:


Festa Major (annual town festival)

The most important festival in Cassà de la Selva is the local town festival, Festa Major de la Santa Espina, which is celebrated on the third full moon of spring...

Food-tasting sessions

Food-tasting sessions in Cassà take place periodically and are based on a seasonal product or a local one from the town.On these weekends, the participating establishments offer menus based on...

Second-hand market

Cassà second-hand market is a meeting point for people who promote initiatives related to the 4R: recycle, reduce, repair and reuse. Besides de market, there are always parallel activities and products...

Saint George's Day

Saint George's Day is celebrated the 23rd of April. In Cassà de la Selva you will find cultural activities, workshops, artisanal shops and specially... lots of roses and books!We are...

Christmas activities

Christmas in Cassà is celebrated with several traditional activities that begin with the Christmas Market. On this page you will find all the information related with Christmas activities in Cassà. We...

Cinema and Nights in the Open

Summer evenings are very lively in the plaça de la Coma in Cassà de la Selva. Every Wednesday in July and the first fortnight in August, the Cineclub Vuitimig organises...

Pictures on the Pavement

On the Sunday of the Festa Major the little ones gravitae to the plaça de la Coma for Pictures on the Pavement, one of the most popular events of the...

Cassà cultural events

Cassà cultural events from other editions {loadposition progcultura}

Sporting events

Cassà boasts a sports area with facilities which allow people to play many different sports: a football pitch, basketball courts, a hockey field, a skating rink, indoor and outdoor pools...

Shopping in Cassà

Shopping in Cassà is helping the town. The Shopkeepers’ Union in Cassà has one hundred members and you can find any product in their shops. The Shopkeepers’ Union in Cassà and...


Markets in Cassà

Cassà is host to many different Markets that take place at certain times of the year.

Weekly market

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 8 to 14 h there is the weekly market which you can find on Passeig Vilaret. It holds a variety of stalls: fruit, vegetables, olives, cured meats, flowers, plants, clothes...

Sant Jordi Market

The Sant Jordi (Saint George) market take splace for the whole day in Plaça de la Coma and there are stalls for all sorts of articles related to Saint George’s Day: book-signing, children’s shows and workshops, stalls for local businesses...

It is usually held on the weekend before Saint George’s Day; however, if the 23rd April falls on a weekend, it is on the very same day.

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The Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is on a December weekend and here there ares talls of Christmas products, a carol concert, a competition for shop displays, activities for la Marató on TV3 and the switching on of the Christmas lights.

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Second-hand and Exchange Market

This market takes place twice a year: in March and in November. It is an opportunity for diferent people with initiatives in favour of the 4R project: recycle, reduce, repair, and re-use. Throughout the day, the market organises various activities and presents projects in accordance with this philosophy, aside from the main stalls that allow people to Exchange and/or buy second-hand objects.

The Second-hand and Exchange Market works alongside the flea market, organisedby AFA from Aldric School and is dedicated to children.

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