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Sala Centre Recreatiu

Sala Centre Recreatiu is a theatre with a large variety of cultural events. It offers artístic performances suitable for every type of audience, in a theatre located inthe very centre of town, next to the well-known cafè el Bar Centre Recreatiu, from where you can find the entrance.

Have a look at the events of Sala Centre Recreatiu HERE (we are sorry but this content is only available in Catalan).

Town Hall of Cassà de la Selva
Rambla Onze de Setembre, 107
972 46 00 05
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Sala Centre Recreatiu and its history

Transforming it into a cinema
The link between Sala Centre Recreatiu and culture in Cassà has its origin at the beginning of the 20th century.. In January 1908, the premises, owned by Círculo Recreativo, had the first screening of a film by Ignacio Aguilera. After that, Cinematógrafo Aguilera became Cine Moderno. It was run by Josep Taché and became the most important cinema in town showing silent films like Ben-Hur. After the Civil War, the name of the cinema changed again in concondance with the new political era: Cine Nacional. It showed films during the weekends and on some Wednesdays. The programme consisted of two films and, from 1943, a NO-DO, documentary news of Francoist exaltation. For a long time it shared the films with the other cinema in town: Cine Victoria. People from Cassà called them Cine de la Coma and Cine del Passeig.

From the sixties: an establishment with different uses
At the end of the sixties, the committee of the association decided to refurbish the premises in order to improve the quality of film showing, something of great interest at that time. There were few film screenings and that was the main entertainment for people in town. During the eighties, a disco was opened in the Building, which did not last long. At the beginning of the 90s, films were no longer screened, like in many places in the country. Cine de la Coma was the place were Pastorets were performed or Premis Literaris de la Colla Excursionista were held among other activities. With the new century, the establishment was not used anymore and its deterioration was obvious. 

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Properes activitats de la Sala Centre Recreatiu

Animation and Short Films in Cassà de la Selva (MACCA)

Animation and Short Films in Cassà de la Selva is a weekend at the end of February celebrating cinema organised by the cinema club Cineclub Vuitimig.
One of the most popular activities is “Correcurts”, a competition of short films. Participants must shoot a short film in Cassà de la Selva in 24 hours, based on a theme chosen by the organisation.


Confinacurts a partir de les 18 h del diumenge 5 d'abril

Correcurts de la MACCA

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