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Culture is very important for Cassà de la Selva. There is lots to enjoy:

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Centre Cultural Sala Galà Centre Cultural Sala Galà

Centre Cultural Sala Galà is where art, music and reading take place in Cassà de la Selva. It is a multi-use building holding the library, the music school and the Josep Lloveras School of Art. It also has an auditorium where conferences and cultural events take place.

Have a look at the activities organized by Centre Cultural Sala Galà HERE (we are sorry but this content is only available in Catalan).

Centre Cultural Sala Galà
Carrer del Molí, 9
972 462 820
info @

History of Centre Cultural Sala Galà

From 1911 to1969: a dance hall
In 1910 Narcís Abellí i Dalmau, baker of Cassà de la Selva, bought three plots in Mel and Molí streets in order to build a dance hall. From 1911 to 1969 there were always dances.

From 1969: Sir Thoma’s
In 1963, Secundina Abellí i Bota, the owner of the building, sold it to Tomàs Grau i Balamaña. In the same year, the town voted in order to change the name Sala Galà into Sir Thoma’s. 1969 was the first year of the famous disco Sir Thoma’s.

From 1998: Centre Cultural Sala Galà
In 1998 the town hall of Cassà bought the building in order to transform it into the Centre Cultural Sala Galà (a cultural place). It was opened in 2003 and incorporated the library, the music school and the Josep Lloveras School of Art..

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Properes activitats del Centre Cultural Sala Galà
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Animation and Short Films in Cassà de la Selva (MACCA) MACCA Correcurts awards ceremony

Animation and Short Films in Cassà de la Selva is a weekend at the end of February celebrating cinema organised by the cinema club Cineclub Vuitimig.
One of the most popular activities is “Correcurts”, a competition of short films. Participants must shoot a short film in Cassà de la Selva in 24 hours, based on a theme chosen by the organisation.


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Discover the Music Discover the Music

Cassà is the birthplace of many musicians and this musical tradition is reflected in the different activities in town. You can enjoy many diferent music events in Cassà:

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Solfejant Solfejant takes place in Can Trinxeria

It is a summer season of music in Cassà organized once a week from July to mid-August.

This season, taking place in the beautiful courtyard of Can Trinxeria (plaça de la Coma), is formed by a variety of groups, some of them from Cassà and others from around the world.

Properes activitats
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Àlbum de fotos del Solfejant

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Programes de les edicions del Solfejant

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Càntut Cantut Festival at Bar Restaurant Centre Recreatiu. Author: Tomàs Fletxa

The Càntut festival takes place on a weekend in a November in Cassà de la Selva and it is an event that gives life to the music of the old people.

The idea comes from the inventors and coworkers of the project Cançons i músiques dels avis, who created a website with 1000 recorded songs from the past. At that moment, they decided that they had to go one step beyond and Festival Càntut was born, taking place in Cassà.

Cassà was chosen because of its wide musical activity and the amount of associations that can benefit the project.

The aim of Festival Càntut is giving life to the songs that can be found on the website Càntut. Cançons i músiques dels avis. It also wants to help and get to know people, musicians, groups and associations who work in order to promote the Catalan musical heritage, especially helping the nearest one.

Different musical associations from town as well as the schools take place in the festival. During this weekend, there are conferences, exhibitions, concerts and other activities.

More information at
Properes activitats del Càntut
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Cassà es vesteix de música (Cassà gets dressed with music) Each Tuesday of Festa Major squares, courtyards and the most symbolic places in town are dressed with music.

Squares and other ideal places in Cassà are filled with music each Tuesday of Festa Major.

The day that Cassà gets dressed with music there is a programme of a variey of concerts in different places of the town, meaning people can go for a walk and enjoy different types of music.

It is a further sign of the rich musical tradition of Cassà de la Selva.

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Nit del Cremat (Night of Cremat) Cremat is served after dancing sardanes

The Nit del Cremat (Night of Cremat) takes place on the closest Friday to Santa Tecla Fair. It consists of dancing “sardanes” in Plaça de la Coma and, during a break, drinking “cremat” (an alcohòlic drink made of rum, coffee and spices).

Most years, there is an specific “sardana” performed called El foc de Castelló composed by Antoni Agramunt.

La Nit del Cremat (Night of Cremat) is a historic activity of the association Amics de la Sardana. It was born in order to revive the fair of Santa Tecla, which had been not celebrated for many years. As one of the symbols of Santa Tecla was the fire, the association tried to find an event containing this element. This is where the Nit dels Cremat (Night of Cremat) came from.

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Cultural Events A performance at the Sala Centre Recreatiu

The Centre Cultural Sala Galà and the Sala Centre Recreatiu are the cradles of culture in Cassà de la Selva.

Most of the cultural events, auditions and talks organised in the town take place in these two places, which can hold hundreds of people.

Programme information at and


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