Cassà: Town of Cork
The characteristic roundabout of the entrance of Cassà de la Selva is made up of cava and wine stoppers.

Cassà: Town of Cork

Cassà is a cork town in an area which is a world in itself: it is a unique mosaic of great natural, anthropological, social and cultural wealth.

Like in most cork areas in the Mediterranean, Cassà boasts some extraordinary modernista architecture which was born during the booming cork industry in the 18th century. This economic sector also gave rise to a culture closely linked to its own gastronomy and music, the preferred social element of those who made corks. As you can see, the cork industry has left a very important mark in Cassà.

Cassà makes it possible to travel through the world of cork from tree to cork  and it is  a challenge for any visitor to the town. An intense journey, bursting with sensations, that will enlighten you on its diversity. It starts in the Woods of the Gavarres with its cork trees and their bark. Then it continues to the factories that work on the raw material. Finally, it ends in a great restaurant where wine is served; wine that has had the cork made in Cassà.

The corkk industry currently holds huge economic weight in Cassà de la Selva. In the first years of the 21st century there were still over 500 employees in the cork industry, and about 40 companies, some of which – with their innovating techniques – produce some of the most important corks in the world.