Vies Verdes (Green Paths)
The Vies Verdes run through part of Cassà de la Selva. Font: CVVGI

Vies Verdes (Green Paths)

The surroundings of Cassà de la Selva are ideal for walking or cycling.

The Vies Verdes, specifically for the Ruta del Carrilet (railway route), run through Cassà. It is a route of 57km, more or less flat, and is easy to access. It passes through three ‘counties’ and 12 towns and it also follows the river valleys of the Fluvià, Brugent and Ter.

The railway route goes through places of great cultural, ecological, and aesthetic signignificance.  The track which formerly Connected la Garrotxa and el Gironès now allows us to get to know the natural resources of the towns, one of which is Cassà de la Selva.

Along this route in our town you will find the old railway station, just in front of Cassà de la Selva’s town hall. Here, there is a little area with tables which are ideal for stopping and enjoying the town.